Hi everyone,

my name is

Marcus Mullins

A Quick Background

I'm based in

Boise, Idaho Not Iowa

I worked at

Hollis & Reed Unlimited,


and Mauro

My roles were

Marketing assistant,

Graphic Designer

Here's a showcase

of my creative work

Person Holding White and Orange Card
Document on a Clipboard
Pictures of Brand Design and Color Placed on Wall
A Globe Lamp Near the Poster

Three Fun Facts

I used to be

a freelancer.

After college, I worked on freelance projects for small businesses in my hometown.

I run a creative blog on the side.

It features some of my freelance work as well as personal projects that I've done since high school.

I love collecting art materials.

I do a lot of digital art, but I also love collecting crafty materials like washi tapes.

Things I Love

These are just some of the things that make me feel alive!

Person Holding A Mug
Cute bLack Dog
Person Standing on Dirt Surrounded by Coconut Trees
Grayscale Photo of Up-side-down Skateboard

Looking forward

to working with everyone!

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